Detail, Cast Concrete Grille, Combination Building, Daingerfield State Park, 2008


Daingerfield is located in an area historically associated with agriculture, iron ore, and timberlands. Currently, the area is valued for its dense pine and hardwood forests, elements that provide a pastoral setting for this 501-acre park. Two CCC companies—2891, a white unit, and 1801, a black unit—developed the park from 1935 to 1939. Both companies used local timber and stone as well as concrete to construct distinctive features, and worked under the supervision of LEMs (local experienced men), and planners, including architect J. Reginald Gunn and landscape architect Calvert Swing Winsborough.

Development of eighty-acre Lake Daingerfield, the focal point of the park, dominated much of the early efforts. As it began to take shape, designers finalized plans for associated architectural features that took advantage of the site’s hilly terrain, landscaped peninsula, and open beach area. They also maximized scenic vistas, traffic flow, and recreation access.

Park Location
Morris County, 2 miles east of Daingerfield, State Highway 49 to Park Road 17
CCC Company
2891, 1801(C)
Activity Dates
1935-1938, 1939-1940
CCC Construction
Entrance Sign, Boat House, Fisherman’s Barracks, Combination Building, Lake Dam, Lake Daingerfield (originally called Little Pine Lake), Retaining Walls, Culverts, Steps, Trails, Horse Trails, Parking Curbs, Scenic Road, “Aztec” Chairs and Tables, and Cedar Benches. Plans also called for several Cabins (two were built), and a Keeper’s Cottage which was not constructed (although NPS buildings may have been adapted as a residence).
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