OFF SCREEN: Do you have a story to tell about wiring buildings? Didn't you have a story about electrical wiring?

TREES: Like I said, we had this on a DC set-up, and they brought electricity through this country.

Captain Culberson come down to the shop one night and said, "Walter, what do you know about electricity?" I said nothing. He said, "You go with me in the morning." We went down to CPL, and I guess we spent two hours there. They taught us how to wire. He didn't know much more than what I did.

The only thing I remember about it after I got back to camp is electricity runs like water. It runs down one side and up the other. If you want to put a switch in it, you cut the electricity off.

So the first thing we did, I wired the help wire. I had guys helping me, but I run it. We wired one of those barracks, and when they turned it on, it worked.

Originally it had one light bulb right in the middle. That's all that was there. It didn't have a switch on it—it had a string.

We put, I believe, a light in each barrack, each bunk, with a switch and an outlet where they could use a radio.

I helped several guys do it. We got electricity done. I just wonder what they were doing. Letting an eighteen-year-old boot wiring a camp today?