TREES: The educational department was also responsible for the sports that took place here.

We had a real good softball team.

Those boys wanted to play ball nearly every night. We had to schedule games for them.

These towns from Castroville to Del Rio had city teams.

We went to a lot of those places and played. Then they came out here and played, too.

TAYLOR: So the CCC camp had a team and you played civilian teams?

TREES: Right.

TAYLOR: Did you also play against other CCC camp teams?

TREES: Yes, we did. We went up to Bastrop a couple of times and played.

I guess there were ten camps represented that we played there.

I think we stayed up there about three or four days playing ball.

Mr. Gray took care of the--he liked boxing, basketball, and tennis--he took care of those sports, arrangements for the games and so forth.

TAYLOR: So when you went to Bastrop, you had your whole team.

Where would you have slept if their camp was already full of enrollees?

TREES: They provided places for us, doubled up.