OFF SCREEN: Back to your story. I'm sorry I interrupted you on the truck driver, truck driving role. Tell me some of the duties you were assigned.

GARNER: Well, I had to make a trip to Uvalde daily to bring fresh vegetables, fruit, ice.

And we had a locker there that had a cage in it, which I would unlock, and bring up beef quarters, milk—we got milk from Seguin in ten gallon cans at that time. Later, we got a contract with a dairy in Uvalde, and I went out here and picked it up in bottles. Naturally, I picked up the ice last thing, and I didn't wrap it.

I just drove madly to Garner park and unloaded it. We had no refrigeration that I remember.

They could have had some coolers that helped to keep the meat, but everything was ice.

We had electricity, but it was generators with a gasoline engine.

And one main thing—I carried a mail sack. The mail sack went out every morning, and I'd go to Uvalde and give it to them, get a new sack of mail and bring it back. Mail was important. Everybody got letters here.

And we were required to submit a morning report every morning that went in the mail to give the company strength.

We had slightly over two hundred men, but we had to report exactly who was here.

The state park timekeeper kept track of that and gave us the report.