BALLARD: Wasn't much else to do off out here like this. There we were. We could get out of camp once in a while, but you had to go on that old truck.

That was the only way of traveling we had in those days out here. An old GI truck with benches along inside. You've seen them in movies and such—the old GI trucks.

Go out on Saturday night, go to the dance. At a certain time they left, and you better be on that truck or you'd be left there. Then you couldn't get back to camp.

Nobody's coming out this way. Like I says, it was all dirt road in those days. Dirt road. It was a long way to Sabinal and long ways to Uvalde.

They'd mix it up. One time Uvalde, one time Sabinal. Back and forth. But it was a night out away from camp. That was a thing to do, to get away from here for a little while.

It was a little better than down where I was raised, down where I was living, down there near Pearsall.

There's nothing going on there unless you want to listen to the coyotes howl. Get the dogs together and go wolf hunting.