OFF SCREEN: When you were here, were the local girls looking for the guys here that were working for the CCC?

BALLARD: I don't know about that, what they were looking for (laughs).

MRS. BALLARD: I thought you said you went to Sabinal to the dances.

BALLARD: Oh, yeah. When I was here, we didn't have any dances. The dances they had here, it was down in the rec hall.

This [pointing behind him] wasn't here, see. When I left, that building here wasn't finished here. Nothing of this out here, was done, see.

No, the dances we had was in the rec hall and we'd go to Uvalde. Went out to dancing we'd go to the picture show and what have you.

OFF SCREEN: At the rec hall, did they have a band?

BALLARD: Yeah. I played in the band. We didn't really have a real band, just a bunch of us get together and play music.

No we had—they showed pictures every once in a while at the rec hall.

MRS. BALLARD: Did you play guitar then for all that?

BALLARD: Yeah. Played guitar and danced. I remember in those days I wanted to dance more than play guitar. Kind of girl-crazy at seventeen years old, you know (laughs).